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Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie

Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie
Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie
Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie
Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie
Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie
Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie
Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie
Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie
Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie
Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie
Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie

Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie   Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie

Two Way Radio Business Licence Free World Coverage 4G - Inrico T320 POC. Welcome to Radio Commz UK Ltd. Welcome to Radio Commz UK Limited. UK Only certified Inrico Dealer.

A better price is offered on our Website. The UK's 4G Radio Infrastructure Experts....

Without a doubt the world best Radio for all business types! Cost is very low compared to other Manufactures, maybe a high up front cost for your business (Finance Available) but it will mean your "Future Proofed" for years to come. See our reviews on Yell. You will not have to worry about your Radio System again in a few year time, No more Embarrassing Fuzzy Signal Loss!

This is 2020's best network radio which gives you the capability of Worldwide Coverage. Read our FAQ's for more details. This all new system infrastructure is being used by UK Emergency Services around 2022/2023 named ESN as the current system compared to this new system is extremely poor. Our technology is 3 years ahead of them! Emergency Button (10 Secs Auto Mic). Point 2 Point (Speak to Individual privately). Built in Mobile Telephone (Calls, SMS & Data).

Online Portal (Listen and Talk without Device). Front 2.0MP Rear 8.0MP. Status Updating Meetings, Lone Worker. Multi Users Sign on each use with ID & Pass. Extremely Robust, Tempered Glass Screen.

External Earpieces & Mic Compatible. Radio Commz UK Limited Honest Review? This one is simply the best of the range. It gives our clients the freedom to run their own Radio Infrastructure without the need of speaking to an expert.

The T320 is lightweight but also very durable. The touch screen has tempered glass aswell as the screen being surrounded in a raised plastic bezel to prevent screen breakages in events of a drop.

T320 is the most popular POC radio. We have several accessories this model. Clients can change from Zello to ProPTT2 in a few minutes.

No need for plugging into a computer. You can make calls, send texts, install whatsapp etc. It looks the part and performs brilliantly. The small 4G antenna makes it an eye catching bit of kit, even for security companies, once your competitors see one of these attached to your employees it shows your one step ahead in your game!

1x Belt Clip & 2x Screws. 1x SIM Card (If Requested/ UK Customers Only for SIMS - Tell us your preferred Carrier - O2 Classic Pay as You Go is cheapest). We do not just say "Tough Luck" like other sellers. Dispatch is normally within 1 day. Do you need an in vehicle/ base unit?

Finance available to Personal Customers, Sole Traders, Charities & Limited Companies. (Finance is subject to Status). If you would like the Radios all setup with a your unique channel etc leave a contact number in the comments so we can discuss your requirements, its free! Who the hell are Inrico?

Inrico have been around quite a few years. Inrico do not pay for any advertisements in any country unlike the big names like Motorola etc. Just because it is not a big name does not make it a product to be cautions about. Inrico do not develop lots of product, they concentrate on perfecting a small amount of models and sell accordingly.

Inrico are very big abroad but are now starting to take off in the EU countries. Inrico also manufacture Body Cameras, even have a body camera with a built in Two Way Radio! Take a look at our comparison chart and see what the big names charge for such low amount of features, you will be very surprised. Basically we are using existing infrastructure which is genius! So what will it cost me to run long term? Here is an example from testing we have carried out. If you use the Radio just as a radio using one of the Radio Platforms and do not use Whatsapp, Facebook, emails etc.

O2 charge 1p per MB. Which is OUTSTANDING, Remember a voice transmission is very small like 0.002 of a Kb (Kilobyte).

Usage is an estimate, each user has their own length of time based on how the use the radio. There is NONE at all and never will be as we are using the existing Mobile Network infrastructure just like the Emergency Services are going to use around 2022 with the new (ESN = Emergency Services Network). How long does Battery Last? The battery is very good, Of course depending on usage, it can last few days. Remember it has a friendly Micro USB Charging Port, therefore it is not as if you need to return to the office or base to recharge, charge in your car, a friends home, etc.

Are these Radio's Durable, My staff are clumsy? Oh yes, Very well built. Housing is made of same material as the world leaders Motorola, Sepura Etc. Don't forget these are ISO9001 rated. What platform can you use for instant communication?

We recommend Zello, its free. There are others, Azetti, ProPTT2. All have their own features, some features like Tracking services are paid monthly per unit. Ideal for business who want to track their employees. In an honest opinion it is the best invention since sliced bread, If you have used a VHF/UHF system those are the definition of unreliable!

Range Limit is shocking, even with several repeaters. 99.9% of the UK is covered with Mobile Masts, meaning it is 99.9% reliable!

The chance of a client experiencing No Signal at all is extremely slim. Don't forget the Radios have WiFi, If your in the Channel Tunnel on the way to France hook up to WiFi and your back instantly talking.

Remember you do not need 4G to communicate effectively, 3G is just as brilliant and 2G is good, 2G is good because the transmission size is so micro even 2G can send it instantly! The antenna is very powerful compared to a standard mobile one. Are the Radios good in bad weather, raining? The charging port are is sealed with a flap to assist in the Liquid Resistance. Obviously we do not recommend swimming with them but for general downpours they are brilliant.

How many user on one Channel? Lets say your using Zello as the platform, there is no limit. How many channels can I create? There is no current limit on channels.

Can people hear us like on the other VHF/UHF Radios? No only approved users in the channel can hear, channels you create are protected with a password. Each user must enter password to join the channel.

Since it is Encrypted can I for example discuss customers details, use inappropriate language.. Yes you can, it is your responsibility to ensure your channel is secured with a password and only authorised users are active on the channel. If you use bad language you will not get a letter from Ofcom like you would on a traditional system. Can you call other radios privately? Yes you can, select from your group who you like then your away.

Does my Radio have a mobile number? It certainly does, this is provided from the network you decide to put inside, it has 2 sim card slots too, some people like Dual Sims!

Can I share my Location to other colleagues? Yes within the platform you choose an option to send location is available. What happens if the Radio is lost or stolen? You can track it via the google account you create, if you have no luck you can call the network carrier and provide the mobile number and these will blacklist the IMEI meaning it cannot be used with a Sim Card again.

Remember act fast, quicker you track it on google the better. If no luck on google then contact the network, do not do that first as you cannot track it if it has no mobile data! 1 Year, of course it does not cover negligence of any sort.

We all must take responsibility to ensure we look after the units. Its a ground breaking bit of kit! Who else uses these type of Radios?

There is cheaper Radios out there, why should I choose this type & Radio Commz UK? Each Radio System has its own features, majority in the industry are just basic, systems which are not basic, are often extortionate. Initial Setup can be confusing to beginners but once setup it is very easy. Sometimes its worth paying a little more for guaranteed 5 star support. Do I need a sim card for my radio?

Not if your going to use it on WiFi constantly, If your depot or office etc is fully covered and you will not leave with the radio you do not need one, Wi-Fi will do you just fine! Why would I choose this type of Radio over Motorola's, Hytera etc?

The reasons are endless, Firstly you need an Ofcom Licence which costs yearly. You then need repeaters to cover any reasonable distance of a few miles. All you can really do is Push to Talk. To get one reprogrammed you need to speak to a specialist unlike ours its easy just DIY.

Damage to them is very costly, often needing to replace full radio. When you get poor signal you get static or unclear voice transmission. Batteries are poor for just a PTT function. Often if you want a traditional system if you think the cost of the radio is all you need, you are normally mistaken, the final bill creeps up terribly, Programming Costs, Licence Costs, Setup Costs, if getting fitted in vehicles you may need an antenna mounted on roof, also an antenna mounted on your building. Who is Radio Commz UK Limited?

We are a Two Way Radio company in the North East of England who only deals with Network radios, the reason why is because VHF/UHF system is outdated and pushed beyond its capabilities. Even the Emergency Services know it is poor and cannot be improved and it is time for the whole industry to change hence 2022 when their own 4G Network arrives just for their 4G Radios. Businesses need stability, you can try and make VHF/UHF digital which is what other competitors try and sell you now but it is not truly DIGITAL. The system we sell is the REAL definition of DIGITAL. Eventually all Two Way Radios will use Mobile Data, its going to be the new way of life.

Why not be the first ones to use the technology. We are the first digital only supplier so your in safe hands. We know the product we sell inside out, we do not have lots of manufactures and models, we don't need to, our system suits the needs for every type of user, no need to complicate things. Consumers want something easy and thats what we give. We have different support plans available to businesses, Bronze, Silver & Gold.

These can be found on our 2019 brochure via our website below. A support plan has benefits for example: Having a replacement radio the following day incase of damage of a fault, Remote support, we can connect to the radio remotely to operate it on your behalf. We could even monitor your channel employees if you want us to if you have a lone worker! Even if you do not have a plan you are still supported to the best of our ability, every customer is a VIP to us.

Does your Radio work with Klickfast that Police use? Yes we have a Klickfast stud available for our radio system.

Our contact details our below. Motorola & Hytera are much more expensive, surely they are better? Not necessarily, it depends on model you choose.

All models have plus and minuses. There is licence free Radios on the market, will they do the job for me? Maybe the will, maybe the won't. Coverage will not be the best but the may work for your particular use.

Sometimes others can transmit on the channel, remember the channels are shared, if there is someone close by on the same channel you will hear them vice versa. No privacy what so ever with those type.

Yes we do, businesses must be a registered company or a sole trader. ID/ proof of address will be required for Sole Traders. Companies will be checked on Companies House to ensure validity and must be posted to the registered company address. Digital Two Way Radio Infrastructure at extremely competitive prices.

We are one of the UK first fully Digital Two Way Radio communications service! We specialise in the Digital Radio Infrastructure rather than Analogue (VHF & UHF). Using our service we have no distance transmission limits unlike traditional two way radio systems which have a very poor range compared to our systems. If you need worldwide coverage, national coverage or simply local coverage we are the company for you.

Our systems are 55% cheaper than traditional VHF/UHF Analogue systems. We have Bronze, Silver & Gold service plans available. Trials can be provided subject to status & availability. Our customers have been amazed by the system we provide and the amount of functions it has at a lower cost than the basic PTT (Push to Talk) system. Not one customer has be unimpressed by the quality or service.

We have obtained several large contracts with large UK businesses, one business we reduced the yearly outgoing by 50% by leaving their previous tradition radio supplier! We provide can provide clients with Special SIM cards which gives them unbeatable performance around the world to allow the Radio system to run even smoother than it already does! For a "Change of Mind" we need to ensure the item is in satisfactory condition and shows no signs of wear and tear & all accessories are intact which is a fair request. We will request images of the item & accessories before we accept the request.

Each of items are packing in our Warehouse which has UHD CCTV. Evidence of clients items being packed can be requested & can see exactly what was present in your package at the time it is weighed and sealed. This is inline with our Manufacturers policy.

Some Example of negligence: Cracked Screen, Snapped Antenna Housing, Cracked Housing, Liquid Damage, Charging Port Damage. In these scenarios we would provide a quote to fix your device, we are the only repair service for our system in the UK. Our prices are very competitive for any repairs required. Get all the Lattest news and Updated.

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  • Number of Channels: No Limit
  • Model: T320
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Type: Portable/Handheld
  • MPN: 10-804
  • Modified Item: No
  • Frequency Band(s): 4G
  • Channel Memory: No Limit
  • Brand: Inrico
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie   Two Way Radio Licence Free World Coverage 4G Inrico T320 POC Walkie